The Rotary Club of Toronto

The Rotary Club of Toronto


The Rotary Club of Toronto – We are neighbours, community leaders, and global citizens uniting for the common good.  With you, we can accomplish even more – Service above self.




Canadian Progress Club


The Canadian Progress Club Durham South is a dynamic fellowship of charitable-minded Canadians who are passionate and committed to strengthening our community through hands-on service and fundraising, to benefit those in need.


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MyVote.IOMyVote is a web-based application that enables you to discuss, vote and view the results of contests in real time.  Simply visit a contest on your smartphone, tablet or desktop and you’re ready to start.  Nothing to download and and it’s free to vote.  MyVote is an application by Social Pariah Solutions Inc.



Highland Gear Pipe Band Products

Highland Gear Pipe Band Products is a local supplier of excellent bag covers, cords, drum covers, and other assorted products.  Please visit their website for further.









McCallum Bagpipes

McCallum Bagpipes offers an unrivalled range of bagpipes, pipe chanters, practice chanters reeds and smallpipes. We also stock an extensive selection of piping supply products.  Please see their website for further information or to find a local dealer.